2001 USA Solo Mini-Tour

SATURDAY, MARCH 24th, 2001
After hearing Glenn was to bring George Nastos on guitar for the US tour dates, we quickly checked our air mile balances and immediately decided to catch the Voodoo Lounge, New York date. We hadn't seen George with Glenn since the Feel tour back in '95, so were anxiously awaiting his return to the fold.
As soon as we landed at JFK, we headed for Breakdown Records in Bayside, where our tickets were being held. It was right around the corner from the Voodoo Lounge, so it gave us a chance to check out the area. David said it reminded him a little of Peckham in South London!! It looked safe enough, in daylight...
Later that night we almost didn't make it back to the club due to the cabbie getting lost and almost hitting a concrete barrier down an on-ramp, guess its true about those NYC taxis! I was a nervous wreck by the time we pulled up to the club.
As we walked down the stairs, we heard Glenn doing the intro to Gone, my first thought was, "oh great, he's already on!" The person at the door, assured us it was just the sound check, phew!!
Glenn abruptly finished and headed backstage, where we had a chance to speak.
While the awful opening bands were on, we headed over to the merchandise table to say 'Hello' to Andy and to check out the GH gear. That's where we bumped into Bill Jones, no introduction needed. Andy had to make a pitstop and couple of phone calls, so he asked David & I if we wouldn't mind controlling the merchandise table for awhile. Thanks Bill & Tom for not taking a picture of us!!
The moment finally arrived, Glenn broke into Stormbringer, I headed up front so I could get some pictures and ended up right in Glenn's face (thanks Brother Tom). I hadn't heard Stormbringer live since the Addiction tour in '96.
I thought George and Brian melded with Glenn just perfectly, they sure had the FUNK going on! Brian's drumming is simply amazing, a real powerhouse. The only song that didn't do much for me, at least on this night, was George's guitar work on Medusa - I prefer JJ's playing on this song.
After the show, Glenn met every single person in that club (I swear) - we were lucky enough to be behind him while he was speaking to everyone, you should have heard all the wonderful things they had to say - he truly has the best fans on the planet.
In closing, David and I want to thank Glenn, Ken and Andy for looking after us! Great to finally meet you Bill and hope our paths cross again real soon. And to you Tom (Cullen) - thanks for letting me squeeze in up front!
Voodoo Lounge, Bayside, New York set list was as follows:
Stormbringer, Muscle & Blood, You Kill Me, Medusa, Coast To Coast, You Are The Music, Your Love Is Alright, Gettin Tighter, You Keep On Moving. Encore: Way Back To The Bone, Burn.

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