2001 NAMM Jam With Ronnie Montrose
Anaheim, CA

A week or so before NAMM, David and I were approached by Gabrielle to assist in possibly distributing some extra VIP Passes to Glenn's fans, via a Competition co-hosted by and The GLENN HUGHES Picture Gallery
After working out the details, the competition was posted along with a notice to CTC subscribers, and after a few days, we had a bunch of lucky winners. They were notified to meet me at The Phoenix Club on the Friday evening.
After a few wrong turns and endless amounts of traffic, I finally found my way to The Phoenix Club. From the outside it looked more like a Spa/Restaurant, rather than a night club. I met up with some friends who were down for NAMM - they managed to pick up some passes from the Baker Guitars booth, earlier in the day.
We were all hungry, so we decided to eat in the bar - the hall was directly behind the bar, so we could hear the sound check taking place. All of a sudden I hear a familiar voice take the mic, it was Glenn doing a little bit of You Keep On Moving - I told everyone at the table to SHUT UP a minute while I listen to it - they cracked up!
Talk about the ultimate dinning experience!
Inside, I found Gabrielle. She told me the first two rows were cordened off for Glenn's fans - what a treat for all of us. I quickly made myself at home, center stage.
A few minutes later, the lights dimmed and Ronnie Montrose came out on stage and delivered a cool instrumental set with material from his various solo albums, with mini showcases for each band member in between. I haven't seen a solo gig by Ronnie since 1984, when he opened up for Dio & Whitesnake in Santa Cruz, CA. Yep, you read that correctly! Still got my backstage pass and pictures from that day!!
After an hour or so, the moment arrived and Glenn took the stage, looking fabulous. (Already posted a fashion report to our Fan Forum and He opened with a new Gamma 4 tune, Darkness To Light which really got the crowd going. I think after an hour of instrumental music, the place was ready for some vocals! Blame It On The Sun was next, a classic Stevie Wonder song. (Hey Glenn, I would love for you to record this some day, it's a beautiful song).
During the break between songs, Glenn thanked all the fans from his web sites and those fans who had travelled along way to see him. He then spotted Johnnie Bolin in the crowd and immediately introduced him to everyone and prompted him to get on stage. They hugged. I tried to get a picture, but the photographer from Baker Guitars got in the way!
Rock Candy was next - you just knew they would play it and towards the end of the song I noticed PUSH had replaced SEX - I guess he needed to keep it clean for the "Buyers" and "Reps" in attendence!! The last song of the night was You Keep On Moving, with yet another new intro - its amazing, I have seen it done several times, and he never sings it the same way twice, always keeping it fresh! Ya 'gotta love it!!
After the show, all the winners went backstage and took a group photo with Glenn, I could tell by the look on their faces, everyone had a great evening. Thanks to all the Competition Winners who busted their arse's to get to the gig on time. I know it was tough!
Ko, it was nice to see you again, let's hope it's not another 2 years before our paths cross again and to you Todd, it was great to meet you in the flesh finally. I'll take you up on that beer at the next gig!! Also, Darlene from The Tommy Bolin Foundation, it was great seeing you again, I'm pleased everything worked out.
And last but not least, a BIG thanks to Glenn and Gabrielle for letting a few lucky fans get the opportunity to see you LIVE and IN PERSON! Also, to Andy for being so generous and keeping us smilin'!
A great night was had by all...
Friday night's set list was as follows:
Darkness To Light, Blame It On The Sun, Rock Candy, You Keep On Moving
2001 NAMM Jam VIP Pass Competition Winners
Back row: Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani, Amy Angelo, Todd Seely, Dan Laframboise, Ko Mitani, John Gallagher
Front row: Kat Campbell, Shirean, Glenn, Ann Green

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