1997 Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert Denver, Colorado

We thought we'd seen it all on his U.K Addiction Tour last year but what we witnessed this past weekend at the Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert blew our minds! It was so good to see Glenn play the Tommy Bolin material.
We REALLY think he enjoyed playing it too. He got to stretch out and get FUNKY for all us long time fans.
The highlight for us on Friday night's performance was GYPSY SOUL & COAST TO COAST (loved all the improvisation.) We didn't think it could get any better - we were mistaken!
On Saturday, they had a MEET & GREET session with Glenn & some members of Zephyr - we have to confess we couldn't wait to get to the end of that line where Glenn was. We both had a brief chat with him, got some things autographed then left under protest! He remembered us from the Nottingham & Oxford gigs on the Addiction UK tour. (The only YANK there screaming SAN FRANCISCO) !
After the "Meet & Greet" Lewis, Damien, Brendan, David and I walked across to the coffee bar for an intimate chat with "The Voice" himself. For some reason all I could do is enjoy the view (know what I mean ladies!) What a great afternoon, many thanks again to Bill Hibbler for arranging it, at the spur of the moment.
Saturday night's gig was even better - SOLD OUT - and they were filming it. He opened with "Teaser" and closed the place down with "Your Love is Alright" a special song for a perfect weekend....
It was great meeting all the CTC members - Scott, Ko et al plus soon to be members such as Tommy Baun.
Until next time (soon we hope).............

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