Your Favourite GLENN HUGHES Song

   COAST    TO   COAST   

wins after an extremely close race.

1st Round ·· 2nd Round ·· 3rd Round ·· 4th Round ·· 5th Round ·· 6th Round ·· 7th Round ·· 8th Round
Quarter-Final ·· Semi-Final ·· Grand Final

A BIG thanks to everyone who took the time to participate throughout the 12 week event, and of course, to GLENN, for his continued support. Close to 4,500 votes were recorded and just over 400 entries were received for inclusion into the Competition.


"I am glad to see the winner in the favorite song contest is Coast to Coast. This is my favorite song as well. I wrote this in my Mother's kitchen along with Way Back to the Bone and Will Our Love End in one writing session that was about an hour. I think CtC is the jewel in the crown though. It is a simple song, and I believe simple songs are the best songs.

Thank you to all my fans who participated in the contest. It was fun for me to see the results come in. Thank you for being part of my life. I am very much blessed.

See you soon, your friend, Glenn"


Congratulations to DAVID STEED, the Competition Winner, who won the TRAPEZE CD containing COAST TO COAST (You Are The Music...We're Just The Band) - AUTOGRAPHED BY GLENN, a BLOODSTOCK 2001 Festival T-Shirt and a GHPG.NET T-SHIRT.

The accompanying Competition was open to everyone and all that was required was an email including the entrants Full Name, a valid return Email Address and song title they thought would end up being the Grand Final winner. The first email received which contained the winning song was declared the Competition winner.

BloodStock 2001 Festival T-Shirt  You Are The Music...We're Just The Band  GHPG.NET T-Shirt


There were 11 separate stages (eight play-off rounds, one quarter-final, one semi-final and the Grand Final). The voting took place over a 12 week period - May to August 2001.

Each week, everyone was able to track how the voting was going and which songs were staying behind or proceeding to the next round. A VOTER PICKS category was also established in case one of their particular favourite songs was missing from the selections that were made available.

Each of the final stage rounds had specific numbers of songs that would be valid for entry - the Quarter-Final winner and 11 runners-up moved onto the Semi-Final. The winner of the Semi-Final and 5 runners-up then battled it out in the Grand Final. The ultimate winner was voted upon from these 6 remaining songs.


The 100+ songs included fell into the following categories:

1st    Round TRAPEZE (voting between May 14th-May 20th)
2nd   Round PURPLE DAYS (voting between May 21st-May 27th)
3rd   Round SOLO SONGS (voting between May 28th-June 3rd)
4th   Round THE COVERS (voting between June 4th-June 10th)
5th   Round COLLABORATION (1974-1992) (voting between June 11th-June 17th)
6th   Round COLLABORATION (1993-2001) (voting between June 18th-June 24th)
7th   Round PINK CLOUD (voting between June 25th-July 1st)
8th   Round VOTER PICKS (voting between July 2nd-July 8th)

Quarter-Final  QUARTER-FINAL (voting between July 9th-July 15th)
Semi-Final     SEMI-FINAL (voting between July 16th-July 22nd)
Grand Final    GRAND FINAL (voting between July 30th-August 5th)

Both the main Event and the Competition were sponsored by Coast To Coast - The GLENN HUGHES Electronic Fanzine - 2001.

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