1982 - Hughes/Thrall  
1985 - Gary Moore's 'Run For Cover'  
1985 -  Phenomena
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1986 - 'Tony Iommi's Black Sabbath - 7th Star'  


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A session with the Climax Blues Band comes to fruition with contributions to their song, Shake It Lucy.

The ultimate Glenn Hughes record is released this year, with friend and guitarist, Pat Thrall. The aptly titled, Hughes/Thrall gains critical acclaim, but due to various reasons, no long term success is made. Over the years however, it becomes a classic, amongst both musicians and fans alike.

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1982 - Hughes/Thrall LIVE
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They also managed to put some tour dates together in California and Texas amongst other places during the months of October and November. Joining them on the brief debut road trip were Tommy Aldridge (Drums) and Jesse Harms (Keyboards).

A couple of appearances on other groups records was the only highlight for this year. Most notably, Nightranger's 'Midnight Madness' release. The other from Heaven and their 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' album.

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Two big projects kept Glenn busy this year, Phenomena and the Gary Moore album, Run For Cover. Between the two projects there were a wealth of seasoned musicans including Mel Galley, Phil Lynott, Gary Ferguson, Don Airey, and Cozy Powell.

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The classic and infamous Seventh Star featuring Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi with Glenn on vocals is released. Despite the horror stories, both on and off stage - the record remains a timeless classic.

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1986 - Glenn with Black Sabbath
Glenn contributes 3 songs to Phenomena II, the follow-up to the self-titled release 2 years earlier.

1987 - Glenn with fellow Phenomena vocalists, Ray Gillen and John Wetton

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A first foray into a music soundtrack is highly successful when Glenn is featured on the title track of Dragnet (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks. The released single, City Of Crime brought Glenn back to the US public's attention.

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Glenn partnered with John Norum with the intention of a long term band project - Hughes/Norum - as reported in an interview with Swedish music magazine, Okej with journalist, Anders Tegner. (Note: a few years later, Tegner would act as Glenn's manager while he was living in Sweden, promoting Glenn's come back and 'From Now On', on Tegner's TV show). John and Glenn started to rehearse with members of Norum's solo band. They played one live show which was broadcast on Swedish National TV at the venue, Scandinavium, in Gothernburg. Songs played included, I Got Your Number, Reach For The Sky and Still The Night. Glenn's first words when entering the stage were, "...it's been a long time, but it's great to be back. Please let me present my new partner, John Norum - great don't you think?". Due to Glenn's still on-going battle with substance abuse, the partnership never flourished and this appearance marked the end of the planned project.

He started off this year by playing a 2 night set at Danny's Place in Marietta, Georgia on January 14th & 15th. He sung 5 songs each night, backed by a local band called Rockasaurus. Glenn's backing vocals are featured on the Whitesnake album, Slip Of The Tongue, as can be heard on the tracks, Fool For Your Loving, Now You're Gone and Sailing Ships. He moves back to Los Angeles, after 4 years in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon his return, one of his first projects is a collaboration with Don Dokken.

Later he joins forces with Joe Lynn Turner which resulted in a couple of demo songs - one in particular, Touch Of Love, had potential, but nothing materializes from their short time together.

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