1971 - Trapeze
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Medusa & You Are The Music...  
1972 - Trapeze on US tour
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1972 - Trapeze live on US tour
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1974 - with members of Deep Purple
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Deep Purple  
Butterfly Ball & Wizards Convention  
1977 - Play Me Out  



In August, Trapeze become a trio - losing two members, Terry Rowley and John Jones.

On December 5th, Trapeze played Kansas City, supporting The Moody Blues - a date that was part of one of their first journey's across America.

The second Trapeze album is released, Medusa and almost immediately a full US tour is started, beginning in April. Initially support band to a variety of headliners, the latter half was in support of the The Moody Blues. ZZ Top were also on the bill.

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1971 - Trapeze at the Fillmore West

Trapeze play a rare UK gig at the Redcar Jazz Club in the North East of England, as support band for the legendary group, FREE.

The album You Are The Music...We're Just The Band debuted this year with a thunderous reception given during yet another mid year tour in the US, primarily in the Southern States - this time going out as the headliner.

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1972 - Trapeze on stage US tour
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Trapeze played the Moulin Rouge in Ainsdale, Southport, Merseyside, England in September 1972. The Freshers Ball was held in September of 1972, this was a dance held by the Students Union at Southport Technical College. There was another band playing that night, called Rock Machine, they were a band also from Birmingham, the Organist had an old Hammond B3 chopped in half for ease of carrying, he abused this instrument, rocked it bashed it around etc, shades of Keith Emmerson. As for Trapeze, Mel Galley was playing an old Gibson Les Paul (3 pickups not sure what model that would be, it had all the Custom hardware) he used a Laney stack very tattered with writing painted all over it and ripped. Glenn was playing a cream Fender Mustang Bass, he was using Hiwatt amps and Laney cabs, Dave Holland had a Premier Kit. The house PA system was the old WEM Festival stack.

Further touring with Trapeze of the US in both March and June, again in the South, such as in Houston, Texas at the Music Hall with Captain Beyond as support.

After much thought and constant requests, Glenn leaves Trapeze and accepts an offer to join Deep Purple.

At year's end a European Tour with Deep Purple is embarked on.

Both of the classic Deep Purple records, Burn and Stormbringer are released in this year, both of which Glenn fully participated on, despite record company contractual issues which prevented full credit on Burn.

Stormbringer European 7-inch release

Japanese edition of Burn  Might Just Take Your Life 7-inch release

The now classic California Jam took place in this year, during a long US tour which had Glenn on shared vocals with David Coverdale, another newcomer to Purple.

Stormbringer Japanese 7-inch release

Contributed to Jon Lord's solo rock/classical project, Windows. Other musicans included David Coverdale, Ray Fenwick and Tony Ashton amongst others.

Particpated in the recording of the now famous, The Butterfly Ball sessions lead by Roger Glover. Glenn contributed his voice to the song, Get Ready.

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Glenn during the Butterfly Ball recording sessions
Deep Purple's Come Taste The Band is released, featuring the debut of soon to be close friend, Tommy Bolin. Later this same year, Glenn is featured on Tommy's record, Teaser, but without a credit, due to tax reasons!

You Keep On Moving single  Tommy Bolin's solo debut Teaser

1975 - Deep Purple, Come Taste The Band photo session
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Glenn performed in Roger Glover's The Butterfly Ball at the exclusive one night only concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London on October 16th. The New World Symphony Orchestra provided the backing and between the songs, there was a narrative read by Vincent Price. David Coverdale and many others also sang at the concert and Glover also got help from his old Deep Purple friend, Jon Lord.

1975 - Performing at The Butterfly Ball

After the breakup of Deep Purple, a session was offered for a couple of tracks which made up Wizards Convention, a project initiated by Eddie Hardin.

A live Deep Purple album is released, Last Concert In Japan.

Tommy Bolin dies - Glenn rushes back to Sioux City to be with the Bolin family and to attend the funeral.

After working on it for many months the previous year, Glenn is finally able to release his masterpiece debut solo album, Play Me Out.

1977 - 'I Found A Woman' single

Glenn was also involved in another classic recording made this year - Makin' Magic from Pat Travers. He contributed the vocals to Stevie, now a regular in Travers' set lists.

1977 - Pat Travers debut Makin' Magic
No information currently available.

A very cool disco release was made available - Four On The Floor, recorded the year before. It also features disco versions of Rolling Stones numbers! (It was also re-released in 1990 as part of a double CD including Play Me Out).

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